Choosing Between PDP and OD: Key Questions for Companies Navigating the French E-Invoicing Mandate

Navigating the French e-invoicing mandate can be complex for businesses, especially considering recent delays and evolving requirements. When deciding between a Private Dematerialization Platform (PDP) like Basware and Dematerialization Operators (ODs), it's crucial to ask the right questions.

Questions like:

  1. Direct Transmission Capability: Does your current service provider offer direct transmission to government systems, simplifying compliance with the French e-invoicing mandate and avoiding detours through public portals?
  2. Comprehensive Reporting: Are you receiving comprehensive reporting to the Public Finance Platform (PPF) that ensures transparency and compliance with evolving regulatory requirements in France?
  3. Value Beyond Compliance: How can e-invoicing be leveraged to achieve touchless, automated invoice management and digitization of Accounts Payable (AP) processes, addressing the complexities of the French regulatory landscape?

To delve deeper into these considerations and learn how Basware can elevate your e-invoicing strategy amidst the challenges of the French e-invoicing mandate, explore our PDP Partner document.

Choose Basware as your premier PDP partner to navigate the complexities of the French e-invoicing mandate with confidence and efficiency, unlocking the full potential of e-invoicing and compliance for your business.

Olivier Taligault, the Global Mandate Program Lead at Basware, is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in finance and business development. Previously, he's served other roles in the industry such as the Regional Director Customer Executive South EMEA and RVP Customer Relationship for southern EMEA, and played a pivotal role in B2B Business Development at American Express. With a background in financial control within the industrial sector, Olivier has successfully led diverse international teams and demonstrated expertise in project management, ERP implementation, change management, and EIPP solutions. His dynamic and energetic approach, coupled with strong client-facing skills, reflects his commitment to driving results and effective team management in a global context.

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