Boom! New Billentis Report on Electronic Invoicing and Tax Compliance is Out

It is a few years since the last version, so 'The Global e-Invoicing and Tax Compliance Report: Watch the Tornado!' is very much awaited.

Preliminary Insights from the Billentis Report 2024

Market Growth: A substantial annual growth rate of CAGR 10-20% in e-invoicing volumes is anticipated, propelled by government mandates and regulations driving adoption. Projections foresee a surge in e-invoicing adoption rates and market value, with the current market value at $8.9 billion, projected to ascend to approximately $23.7 billion by 2028.

  • Regulatory Impact: The major impact of the adoption of tax-driven Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) models globally and the governmental policies on e-invoicing mandates.
  • Integrated Digital Trade (IDT): The opportunities and comprehensive strategies for automating both business transactions and financial operations.
  • Technology Integration: The emerging technologies such as AI are increasingly integrated with e-invoicing systems, offering enhanced efficiencies, capabilities and security.

There is many more highlights in the report on forward-looking market predictions for 2024-2028, acceleration of adoption and standardization, enhanced data analytics and more.

Download the 2024 Billentis Report

This report is a vital resource for businesses and professionals seeking to navigate the evolving realm of e-invoicing and leverage insights for strategic growth and compliance. Discover the transformative potential of e-invoicing and start your roadmap to success with Basware.

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